Trusted legal advisor

For more than 30 years Kelly Michael Hundley has been a trusted legal advisor to businesses and executives in all manner of industry across the Metro Atlanta area, nationally, and internationally as well as to individuals from all walks of life. Having spent time in the board room and the loading dock, he understands that legal issues don’t arise in a vacuum. Whether it’s a lawsuit, helping a client chart a path to avoid a lawsuit, or helping a new business figure out what laws impact what it wants to do, the focus and philosophy is the same – providing practical, effective guidance and solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of each client.

Dedicated focus

That dedicated focus and philosophy coupled with Kelly’s range and depth of experience results in knowledgeable, targeted advice and help for clients. It is no accident that businesses and individuals turn to Kelly for advice, guidance, and representation. To learn what it means to have a trusted, knowledgeable lawyer in your corner, call Kelly at (770) 680-4391.