Kelly Michael Hundley
Kelly Michael Hundley graduated with High Honors from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1987. He cut his teeth in a general practice setting coming out of school handling matters of every kind and description, from high stakes commercial litigation involving millions of dollars, to providing day-to-day guidance to businesses large and small on labor and employment issues, to helping the “mom and pop” business get off the ground. As Kelly says:

“ was a general kind of practice. You welcomed everyone, you listened and you helped, and you did it without requiring them to mortgage the farm to pay you. So, very early on I worked on all kinds of matters and, for the sake of the client’s pocketbook and sanity, I learned to identify the key issues quickly so we could decide what was the best thing to do.”

Over time his practice gravitated toward providing more advice and representation across the spectrum of labor and employment issues to private and public employers as well as executives and government officials. After moving to Georgia in 1993, Kelly limited his practice to representing public and private employers and their officials in all types of labor and employment lawsuits and disputes. He traveled extensively, appearing in state and federal courts across the state and the country and appearing before a host of administrative agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The yearn for a smaller setting and to help smaller businesses in a climate of high-dollar legal rates led Kelly to join forces with a colleague in 2007 to form Henderson & Hundley, P.C. There, as he says, “I began to return to my general practice roots.” Though still emphasizing labor and employment advice and representation, he began taking on more traditional commercial litigation and disputes. “I missed it,” he says. “And, until forming H&H, I really couldn’t help the smaller business that needed the help as much, if not more, than the larger business.”

The transformation is complete

“When I started my solo practice in 2013, I returned to my roots, kind of. I am not going to do everything I did when I started long ago. After more than 30 years I know what I like and prefer to handle, and I know what I am best at handling. Labor and employment advice and help, including covenants not to compete and the host of issues involved there. Handling all type of business disputes and litigation. Helping that new business get off the ground and providing a sound foundation for a broad scope of corporate transactions. I can handle a host of other matters. However, if I don’t think I am the best person to help I know lots of other lawyers who can help, and I don’t mind recommending someone else. The goal is always the same -- making sure people get the best advice and representation available.”

Why Blue Ridge?

“My wife and I fell in love with the area years ago, escaping Atlanta for long weekends. The area reminds us a lot of where we grew up in the hills of East Tennessee. While we decided several years ago that we’d retire someday to the Blue Ridge area, technology makes it possible to work from just about anywhere. So, we decided to escape Atlanta, build what we hope will be our final home, and just move the practice to Blue Ridge.”